ERRA – House Of Glass (New Music)

ERRA have released a new single (“House Of Glass”), as well as hinted that their fifth album is to come in 2021.  After the soaring and deteriorating “Snowblood”, the explosively destructive and torturously complex “House Of Glass” is a shift of gear.

The new song yanks the listener by the arm, dragging them into a turbulent world along with the band. Sunken into an oppressive and controlling darkness, the rhythmic waves of the song shove the innocent bystander, pushing them face first down into the dirt.

“My sleep was deep, and I did not dream”

Midway through, the shift of subject matter and mood into intellectual superiority is obvious, where blind obedience is the flavour of the moment. Whether encased in mental darkness or radicalised to whichever cause sinks its teeth the deepest into one’s flesh, “House Of Glass” touches on how we’re heading unknowingly toward our demise.

The brutalisation we’re collectively enduring is most palpable at the bridge, where whatever is left of us, left of humanity, attempts to limp and stagger toward an invisible finish line. Is the only solution to destroy it all, destroy the ties that bind us, and start again? Take us back to the start?

On “House Of Glass”‘s atmosphere of destruction, vocalist and guitarist Jesse Cash says, “The lyrics started as a mutation of two ideas; the first being the seemingly heightened sensationalism of suicide over the last few years; the second being partisan ideology paralleled with cult-like zeal. The concept of connecting these two ideas stemmed from my musing over how much depression and suicide could have at least in part been heightened by the polarization of the 2016 election year and onward.”

Watch “House Of Glass” below or stream now:



[ERRA photo credit: Aaron Marsh]


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