Emecia – Sleepers (New Music)

Adelaide post hardcore band Emecia have released a lyric video for new single “Sleepers”. The track is from the upcoming debut album Familiar Spirits which will release on 20th April. The band are Scott Middlin (vocals), Trevor Lehmann (guitar), Jake Gaston (bass), and Pete Beveridge (drums).

“Sleepers” is grabbing from the get-go. The wild track blends grooving riffs in with entangled verses, speaking with determination about pushing through challenges to become something more than passive.

“Don’t infect the host to pacify the parasites”

Distorted vocals rip through confusion and couple with driving riffs to hit clarity. Expansive and dark instrumental sections act as strong and looming pre-cursors to heavy hitting statements. “Sleepers” calls to wake us up from appeasing the lowest common denominators; those that are holding us back and refusing to take responsibility.

With determination and a cross-ear riff attack, “Sleepers” rawly demands freedom.

Check out “Sleepers” via the lyric video below, and follow the band on Spotify HERE.


Kel Burch

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