DREGG – I’M DONE (New Music)

If you’ve been a Depth reader for awhile, you might remember our ginormous interview with DREGG where we explored the philosophy that underpins the Melbourne band. I’d suspected there was some depth to these weirdos and I was so happy to learn about it [read it HERE!]. One of the key points of living the DREGG life that we talked about related to awareness of the ego. This concept seems to have been channeled into the newest single from the band; “I’M DONE”.

In our interview, vocalist Christopher Mackertich had spoken about the expected role of frontman, saying how he preferred a collective approach rather than holding one specific member up on a pedestal. He had said “You should want everyone you’re doing it with to rise at the same time you are.”

In something of a confessional tone, he had elaborated on the ego factor by saying, “So here’s the thing: We’re actually the most egotistical people in our speech, like when we talk to each other: ‘I’m the man!’ ‘No, I’m the man!’. It’s all about confidence but not letting it clash with ego. Be super confident in yourself, but it’s kind of drawing that line before ego.”  

Christopher had seen this as a grounded approach with realistic feedback as opposed to being bolstered by faux ‘industry ego strokes’, and felt it was important to keep confidence without the ego running off wildly.  In “I’M DONE”, DREGG capture that balance in typical blunt lyricism by saying “I’m done with the hate but I’m done with the love”, not wanting to turn into “a dickhead, like so many have”

“Take your ideology and eat it”

Not limited purely to ego awareness, “I’M DONE” takes a more destructive approach which is surprisingly healthy. I understand it as deconstructing everything you think of yourself in order to know who you are. The song questions intentions and truth and loyalty all while never losing a sense of chaotic giddiness that DREGG are so good at.

Full and urgent from start, the rapid run of syllables are happily offset by the line-drawing defined roars of “I’M DONE”. No more explanations needed, just. fucking. done.  The song is made even more satisfying by a downstep of pace at the midway point. The focus is drawn toward Jordan McQuitty as he aggressively demands honesty.

DREGG aren’t mucking around here.. but also are mucking around too? “I’M DONE” is a good time. Watch via YouTube below or find it via your preferred streaming place.


[Photo credit: Brittany Jayne]
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