Dream State – New Waves (New Music)

Recent UNFD signing and UK based Dream State have announced a brand new EP, titled Recovery, as well as releasing a new single off the EP titled “New Waves.” Dream State are CJ Gilpin, Aled Rhys Evans, Rhys Wilcox, Danny Rayer, and Jamie Lee, and these five talented musicians have combined to create a fine piece of music in “New Waves.”

Vocalist CJ Gilpin has said that “New Waves is about finally letting go of prodigal habits and ties and riding new waves, making fresh starts, releasing myself of the past and welcoming the future. Life is not easy for anyone but its good to remember how far you’ve come and no matter how dark life can appear it can’t compete with the light that follows, so i put these new experiences and feelings I’ve been having into “New Waves” and I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

This is all reflected in the song itself in the lyrics, as it clearly reflects CJ’s journey, and the battles she has had with herself whilst trying to keep her head above water.

“I don’t need another bug in my brain to feel transiently okay
I’m off all those prodigal old waves
I found a new start, on new waves”

These deep lyrics combine perfectly with the crisp instrumentals, as they are upbeat and bouncy, whilst still being heavy. As I listen to the track I can picture the crowds going off, jumping and having a time and a half. The drums are fast, hard, yet still fun and mix perfectly with the guitars, bass, and vocals.

The vocals of CJ are absolutely worth a mention, as her solid clean vocals slowly turn to hard screams throughout the song. This progression is slow, but once noticed makes the song makes that much better. You can hear the passion in her voice, and is it increases more and more towards the end of the song and during the choruses.

The EP itself is said to trace CJ’s journey from internal chaos to calm, with each track relating to a stage in her personal recovery. Recovery will be released via UNFD on Friday the 18th of May, and can be pre-ordered at www.dreamstateofficial.com.

You can check out “New Waves” NOW on all music streaming services. We’ve also added the track to our new music Spotify playlist: The Depth List: 2018.

As of 19th July, “New Waves” has an inspirational music video! Catch it below.


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