Death In Bloom – Shelter (New Music)

Melbourne metalcore band Death In Bloom have just released “Shelter”. Formed in 2016, Death In Bloom are Logan Fewster (vocals), Russell Holland (guitar), Adrian Horsman (drums), Arron Parker Richards (guitar), and Abe Miller (bass). “Shelter” is the latest release from the band since their 2016 album A Means to Disappear, and was produced, mixed, and mastered by Scottie Simpson (Alpha Wolf).

“Shelter” lyrically and visually uses a crumbling home to express a lifeless relationship. In the music video, filmed and edited by Andrew Bromley and Arron Parker Richards, a run down house is presented in crumbling detail; our ‘character’ looking at weathered books, throwing rotted furniture, and touching surfaces thick with dust and debris. It’s a rustic scene that captures the death of a dream.

Vocally “Shelter” emotionally pours out grief and ache, with a ‘look where we’ve ended up’ feel. Two former lovers are facing disconnection within their cold-blooded relationship, where former dreams of building a home and future together have been lost.

“This shelter that we made became another cage”

Musically “Shelter” is huge, with precision grooves, and beats that hit like the realisations of loss and build up like the weight of responsibility. An isolated vocal section at the bridge before a driving breakdown captures his isolation and self-blame; left in the cold seemingly at his own hand.

Keen to see more from Death In Bloom very soon. Soak up “Shelter” via the music video or stream via Spotify.



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