Dead Sara – Weatherman (Track Of The Day, 3rd July)

Today’s Track Of The Day kicks ass. It comes from Dead Sara and their 2013 self-titled album, but it was actually playing Need For Speed: Most Wanted that introduced me to this song. “Weatherman” appears on the official soundtrack for the game.

“Weatherman” is a perfect drive-really-fast-and-destroy-the-competition song and I can see (hear!) why they chose it. The riffs are dirty, the vocals are strong and gritty and the entire song feels like a flaming arrow directed into the heart of something in order to disrupt it.

“I sing for the melody and I sing for a reason
And I’ll sing as the neglect for all that un-American”

“Weatherman” is about the Weather Underground group, which took a stance of violence instead of ‘doing nothing’; sparking change without being under the control (and therefore the agenda) of the government. They could choose whatever violent measures they took, without an authority dictating them.

“Weatherman” is an anti-authoritarian anthem and you can feel it. But even if you don’t see it like that, the song still rocks.

Rock out with Dead Sara to “Weatherman”:

Kel Burch

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