DBMK – Analog Boy (Track Of The Day, 30th March)

Today’s Track Of The Day is from DBMK. “Analog Boy” was our introduction-via-song to DBMK, as the first track on their album, Collapse. This initial listen was one heck of a ride, which inspired an (ongoing) addiction to their unique sound.

“Analog Boy” begins with a flowing soundscape of digital effects, grounding bass, guitar and then: “Please don’t go please don’t go please don’t go please don’t go please don’t go PLEASE DON’T GO PLEASE DON’T GO”.

A chiptune-esque melody and pulses pulls us to the verse with simple lyrics that are wrapped in uncertainty. Pre-chorus, it’s marching style drums, synth and pure vocals. The vocals trail off and we hear a soundbite of “What if it just..” before rocking anthemic drums and guitar ring out and join empassioned vocals.

It’s impressive in its creative eccentricity, with all of these things combined to express a sense of heaviness that feels genuine and open. “Analog Boy” is the epitome of DBMK’s experimental and electronic based alternative sound and is a perfect track to open up Collapse, inviting people to connect with their sound.

“I hear you, you analog boy
I know that you don’t feel a thing”

Check out “Analog Boy” and stream the entirety of Collapse.

[Header image of Kyle Knudsen by Taylore Moore.]
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