Cut Short – Psychosomatic (New Music)

Metalcore newcomers Cut Short have released new single and music video “Psychosomatic.” This is the second single from the UK band’s upcoming EP Impersonal, which is due for release on June 15. Cut Short are a very young band, having only formed in January 2018. The four piece are already making waves playing shows alongside Traitors and Remenitions. Comprised of Harry Benyon on vocals, Mikey Anderson on guitar, Roland Walet on bass, and Kalvin Walton on drums, Cut Short have an impressive heavy, fast, and brutal sound.

“Psychosomatic” does not mess around, taking 0.0001 seconds to bring the heavy. It starts fast and brutal, with the instrumentals going straight into high gear. This isn’t all the track has to offer though, as they demonstrate some grooving riffs and beats throughout the verses. The vocals are powerful and every screamed word feels like it is ripping through you as you listen.

Strong clean vocals for the chorus offer space for what could be a cool singalong in a live setting, before continuing the brutality. The inconsistent pacing, rhythmic intricacy, and constantly changing beats leaves you on your toes, not knowing what’s coming next, keeping the excitement high throughout the whole track. Funky riffs and strong work from the drummer keep the track instrumentally very sound, closing out with a very hectic breakdown.

By way of subject matter, “Psychosomatic” appears to follow a person dealing with mental illness, and a constant feeling of uncertainty because of this. The lyrics and dark music video explain the ongoing conflicting emotions of the disease, as well as the feeling of being lost and alone.

“Wake up! Wake up! This must be a dream. Is it all in my head? Is this reality? “

“This is Hell.”

As the darkness takes over, the effort to rid themselves of it seems futile. Plunged deep into heavy confusion and doubt, they lose grip on reality and feel urged to reach out and get help before it’s too late.

Check out “Psychosomatic” below with its music video. For our UK friends, Cut Short will be touring soon so keep an eye out for those dates by following the band on Facebook.



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