Converge – Reptillian (New Music)

Boston-based Converge have The Dusk In Us coming on 3rd November and will be the first album in five years from the band, and the ninth full-length album from them.

In the meantime, Converge (Jacob Bannon (vocals), Kurt Ballou (guitar), Nate Newton (bass), and Ben Koller (drums)) have released “Reptillian”, which will be the final track of the new album.

There’s an eerie restlessness as “Reptillian” begins, with an ominous melody playing out and a murmuring undercurrent that’s unnerving in its chatter.

The doomsday-esque melody strengthens into goosebumping guitar massiveness and soul-waking drums. Whatever is coming won’t be taken lying down.

As the vocals begin, the screams add sheets of fire to the aforementioned massiveness, with skin-crawling hyper awareness of what’s going on around them (namely: evil). It’s only in the moment of inspiration to go beyond limitations that we are faced with a fear-laden spoken voice that is soon lost to the chaoticness.

“We must lose sight of the shore to know what courage means
We must lose sight of who we are to know what we can be”

Referring to ‘shadow kings’ and their decimation of humanity and earth with ‘futile wars‘, as well as the song title, “Reptillian” seems to point toward Converge exploring the David Icke idea of the reptillian possession of world leaders.

The track’s fierce ending feels culminating of forces for change.


You can pre-order The Dusk In Us here:

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