Congrats – Lobotomy (New Music)

Congrats are channelling Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind with their newest single “Lobotomy”. In the aftermath of a heartbreaking experience that was so severe and unforgettable that it “hit like a hammer”, the protagonist opts to get a lobotomy to solve all his problems.

As dark as the idea is, nothing about “Lobotomy” is to be taken too seriously, according to the project’s creator, Ben Stewart.  He says “”Lobotomy” is a dark and twisted take on heartbreak. It’s tongue in cheek because I had to choose between a laugh or cry – I chose the former so I could at least dance through it. You shouldn’t listen too hard to it, it’s a bit miserable. It’s like a conch shell where you think you can hear the ocean, but then a crab nips your earlobe off.”

“Oh and then my favourite part
When you broke my fucking heart”

As visually colourful and dramatic as the song reads, the VHS styling complete with old school music video edits are further reminders to not get too seriously invested in this. ‘Sad Fabio’ (complete with his puppy) dances and sways, and the pop and trap-esque trap wails on with a jangling melody and a fuller chorus.

We recently spoke with Ben about Congrats (stay tuned for that sometime soon!) and he appreciated the room he had for experimentation with the project, in contrast to the consistent and warm world of alternative rock that Slowly Slowly have created. “Lobotomy” is a clear example of experimentation in action, and taking an idea of heartbreak and breaking it into pixelised pieces and putting it back down again.

Watch “Lobotomy” below via YouTube or stream here.


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