Carousel Kings – Grey Goose (New Music)

Here’s some new music that rocks hard, from Carousel Kings.

As a band, these guys from Pennsylvania aren’t new, having been formed in 2008. Since then, the Carousel Kings line-up of band members changed rapidly until 2014, when they presented a united and permanent front of: David Alexander (vocals), Cody Jay Williams (bass), Will Barovick (guitar), and Danny Wilkins (drums).

Carousel Kings now have their third full-length album on the way, entitled Charm City, based on a dream-state location, accessible by each of us. In David Alexander’s words:

“This is the place where I go in my dreams. I want to connect the listener to my ‘Charm City’, and realize that they too can envision and live in their own ‘Charm City’ whenever they want to.”

Carousel Kings are described as ‘easycore’. We describe them as a band that rocks hard, have sick melodies and deliciously emo vocals.

I keep on trying to stay awake
I’m staking out my own place
I’m counting stars to keep my head straight

I’m not saying sorry anymore”

Carousel Kings’ awesomeness is demonstrated in a track from Charm City that was released on 13th January; “Grey Goose”. If “Grey Goose” is anything to go by, we’re going to be in easycore heaven come 10th February.

Check out “Grey Goose” and drool over the drumming, the incredible guitar solo, and its.. well… everything.

Check out behind the scenes of the video [HERE].

Kel Burch

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