Boundaries – My Body in Bloom (New Music)

One of my favourite things about music is how quickly a listener can go from complete unfamiliarity with a band to fascination. This is kind of how it went when I casually clicked play on Boundaries‘ music video for “My Body in Bloom”. Knowing nothing about the Connecticut quintet at the time, I very quickly appreciated what I was hearing, and recognised some similarities in the features of hardcore bands that I enjoy such as Caged Existence.

“My Body In Bloom” is the second single for the band that will be part of the album of the same name, with the first single “Blush” released last year. My Body In Bloom releases on 22nd February, and its creation has been taken very seriously by the band. In an interview with The Prelude Press, Boundaries describe how “Blush” was something of a new benchmark for them in terms of their musical capabilities. Despite having written half of My Body in Bloom prior to “Blush”, they decided to scrap it and continue with the new standard that they felt “Blush” had set for them.

“I’m my own disappointment”

This approach of high expectations seems to have paid off for Boundaries, given how impressive “My Body in Bloom” instantly is to my ears. After a darkly pensive spoken introduction, the track shifts into high gear with pulse-quickening drums and fiery savagery.

Tangled up in riffs that feel as good as they do pressuresome, “My Body in Bloom” packs a punch of existential frustration. It’s captivating from end to end, punctuated with distinct sonic sections while the track’s protagonist wrestles with their own expectations and concern for the future.

“My Body in Bloom” grabs me far more firmly than “Blush”, so it’ll be interesting to see what Boundaries have in store when the album releases on the 22nd Feb! Pre-orders are available here:


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