Boston Manor – Halo (New Music)

Boston Manor have announced their new album “Welcome to the Neighbourhood,” and have dropped the debut single off the album: “Halo.” The album was produced by Mike Sapone, and (according to the presser) is a ‘soundtrack to disenfranchisement set in a fictionalised version of the band’s hometown’. The UK based five piece are made up of Henry Cox (vocals), Dan Cunnif (bass), Ash Wilson (guitar), Mike Cunnif (guitar), and Jordan Pugh (drums).

“Halo” starts as if it’s the beginning of a thriller movie. Humming and slow, the riff sinks into your very soul, making for a gripping start. You’re already enthralled and keen to hear more, pushing the headphones deeper into your ears so as to not miss a note.

Stronger beats and weightier guitars kick in and you sink into the music; surrounded by flashing colours and lights in your mind, all blinking and changing in perfect unison with the powerful snare drum hits. Dancing around in circles, you find yourself lost in the anthemic chorus and mesmerising instrumentals, opening your eyes and finding yourself in a completely different world.

“I’ve let go and it never felt so good.”

Euphoric, you feel like you’re floating as you spin around and around in circles taking in the world that this song creates: Trees, buildings, people, all co-existing and beautiful. Fog is everywhere, and as the colours flash it feels as if you’re floating in and out of consciousness. The truly peaceful place, brought even more alive by the music, flowers bloom in time with the guitars and the whole world appears to have tones of colour taking over every aspect of it. Smiling, with your eyes closed, this out of body experience is something special.

Despite colour everywhere, underlying is an unrelenting darkness. This feeling is temporary, and the real world is out there waiting for you and breathing down your neck. Nagging away at you, the dark thoughts don’t let you truly enjoy the moment, keeping us somewhat attached to our selves, our pain, our aches. The vocals remind us of this, yelling at us and waking us up to get back to reality.

“Just a quick fix and I’ll get clean.”

Thrust back into the real world, we’re forcibly disturbed from a sweet dream and real life feels static and disjointed. Light headed and exhausted after immersion, “Halo” is a trip in itself. The song shares the darkness and light of addiction and being stuck in a cycle of self-destruction, while also craving an escape from boredom. With this it paints a beautiful picture in your mind, using the instrumentals and the echoing and repetitive vocals to create a fully immersive musical experience.

You can pre-order Welcome to the Neighbourhood HERE. Check out the “Halo” via music video below, or via all music streaming services now (including our Spotify playlist HERE).

[Photo Credit: Joshua Halling]


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