Bloom – Daylight (New Music)

With “The Service”‘s “Death. be. not. proud” moment still ringing in our ears, Sydney’s Bloom have another newie for us. Fresh single “Daylight” has been released, along with double-barrelled good news of the band’s signing with Greyscale Records AND that their sophomore EP In Passing will release on 9th October.

The band have opted to work with producer Christopher Vernon again, after working together on the creation of “Cold”.  Elaborating on this, vocalist Jono Hawkey has said that he appreciates Christopher’s ability to “take a small idea and build an entire song around it”, describing it as “Second to none.” 

Revealing the theme of the EP to come, both singles explore facets of death; with “The Service” expressing the shock of the funeral, and “Daylight” talking about the fragility of life, never knowing which day will be our last.  The word-lover in me enjoys the multiple meanings of In Passing too, which I’m hoping to understand more in the context of the entire EP.

“Will you come home tonight or be gone by daylight?”

Bloom have a knack for toying with emotions, and “Daylight” is no different. From its introduction ripe with trepidation, the song tears into heightened panic about when death might arrive and steal those we love.  This anxiousness coupled with the home video imagery is rough, with a finite ending stamped upon the nostalgia.

Instrumentally, Bloom create a path through differing shades of emotion that might arise when we think about losing our loved ones. Whether it’s reflective and thoughtful, yearning and concerned, or nervous insomnia, Bloom have us right with them, hitting hard at a bargaining midway point; “If it comes for someone then I hope it’s me”.

Whatever, Forever vocalist Michael Godwin features on “Daylight”, kicking off the heavy end of the track and further electrifying the panic of mortality. All but demanding a higher power to respond, “Daylight”‘s final moments are desperate and uncertain.

It’s another stellar track from Bloom, building intrigue for the EP to come. Watch “Daylight” below via YouTube and pre-order In Passing HERE.


[Bloom photo courtesy of Georgia Moloney]
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