BLKLST – Hypocrite (New Music)

Melbourne heavies BLKLST have just dropped a very cool tease of their EP to come. Fresh single “Hypocrite” has been released along with the announcement of Hard To Swallow. The EP is said to include earlier single “Donnie Narco”, along with a sequel of “Need You”.  Produced and engineered by Evan Lee at STL Studios Sydney, with additional engineering by Sonny Truelove, and mixing and mastering by Evan Lee and Ash Daws at The Loud Noise Estate, the EP releases on October 26th.

As an immediate reaction to “Hypocrite”, I easily fell for the slithering fluidity of distorted vocals which somehow pulled me back to the 90s. With a lengthier introduction and dark driven riffs, the entire vibe is HOT. And yet it becomes clear soon enough that it’s not going to be that straightforward.

Rhythmic complexity and the punchier and more emotionally unstable vocal take that leads into the chorus feels like we’re opening up into a raw wound, and moving from fascination to conflict. Heaviness of sound and layering volatility and allure together paints a picture of a dynamic of love/hate or pain/obsession, if taken at its most exaggerated.

The call of “Stay tonight” at the chorus is hooking and addictive riffs make “Hypocrite” very moreish. As the song progresses and more layers seem to be piled on, there’s a really distinct sense of losing yourself to an experience that’s not necessarily healthy. With moments of whispered confession in the dark, furious screams into the oblivion, and crashing heaviness, “Hypocrite” is intriguing the entire way through, seeming to be designed for repeat listens.

The multilayered intensity is brilliantly backed by the metaphor heavy music video, featuring masks, conflicts, and beauty. Watch below via YouTube. BLKLST are Joshua Westwick (vocals), James Gracie (guitar), James McClurg (bass), Evan Lee (live guitarist), and Drue Herring (drums).



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