BIGSOUND Spotlight: Easy Life

Shellharbour based melodic hardcore band Easy Life are one of the 130+ bands that will be heading to Brisbane to play at the BIGSOUND Festival next week.

Max, Kurt, Jack, Jordan and Jesse are likely still celebrating the news announced earlier today that they’ve been signed with heavy music label UNFD. In the meantime, we’re celebrating their track “I’m Fading Away” as a taster leading up to BIGSOUND.

“I’m Fading Away” sees love from a dark angle and the track’s ominous and beautiful sound captures that. In practically one breath, a person is willingly giving themselves to another in raw vulnerability, before being struck with the realisation of how great a risk that is. Layered vocals with one voice whispered and a second screamed capture the conflict.

“Do you want to leave?”

Opening up and giving yourself to a lover means you’re at the whim of whatever they choose to do with your heart in their hand, and what they choose to take from you. To me, the ‘I’ll always rot‘ lyric at the chorus is a reminder that we’re dying anyway, regardless of what happens; whether something we choose to take a leap toward is beautiful and nourishing, or damaging and draining.

BIGSOUND Festival takes place in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley from 5th-8th September.

Where to catch Easy Life at BIGSOUND

  • Crowbar Brisbane
  • Tuesday, 5th September
  • 8:10PM – 8:40PM

Get yourself a ticket and learn more about what’s happening at BIGSOUND by checking out the website:


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