Belle Haven – Forget Me (New Music)

What a treat to have something new from Belle Haven! David, Christopher, Tom, and Mara have released new single and video “Forget Me” today, the first release since their album You, Me and Everything in Between in 2017. It’s a brighter coloured Belle Haven than we’ve seen in the past, in sound as well as visually, while the song itself still contains dark themes and rich emotion.

In the aftermath of the aggressive roar of their You, Me and Everything In Between album, it has seemed like the Melbourne band needed to hit pause and regroup in temporary silence. Belle Haven’s vocalist David De La Hoz has confirmed this, stating that the single’s release marks the end of a “very challenging chapter” for the band, as well as the beginning of something new.

Though the band have plans, they are aware of how uncertain the future can be (just go listen to the experiences captured in YMEB if you want examples of that!). They’ve decided to take the stance of “enjoying the moment”, and the release of “Forget Me” is one of those moments.

“Oh look, I lost another friend”

“What’s it like to keep someone around?” asks David in the choruses of “Forget Me”. Lyrically, the track comes across as a peek into a journal of someone wrapped in self-hatred and also feeling the impact of this in their relationships. After the fraught guitar tension of the song’s introduction, in the verses of “Forget Me” we’re faced by the bombardment of scrambling to get away from oneself in a bouncing/grooving atmosphere, while also crying out to not be abandoned.

“Forget Me” uses the skills of each member of Belle Haven to express their message, including stellar tandem vocals between David and Christopher. The chorus is so catchy and full, while also heart-thudding in how matter of factly it expresses a pessimistic outcome of a connection. While carrying vocal ‘oohs’ and sweetness at times, there’s still Belle Haven grit at the bridge, and the heaviness of message with “Everywhere I go I take my body with me, and all the misery that’s pushing you away”. Ouch.

The fresh track is a powerful anthem for those who are not only uncomfortable in their own skin (clearly an inescapable, every day challenge), but also uncomfortable with how their experience is negatively impacting others. Watch “Forget Me” below via YouTube.


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