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Newcomers to the scene BEACH PANIC! have just released their Ride The Tiger EP. The five track release from the artful collective includes colourful singles “Tsunami of Love” and “Dance ‘Till Your Feet Bleed”.

The trio invited us behind the scenes to see where the magic happens (you’d have seen their space already if you’ve watched the video for “Modern Romance”).  Dr. M. Flamingo is our personal tour guide of the Beach House Art Studio. Take it away, Dr. M!

“The “Beach House” (aka our garage) is where our creative process starts. It’s the place where we let our ideas flow, reflect on life, and connect with one another. It’s been a big part of the beginning of the BEACH PANIC! art project and has already been the basis of all our visual art and music videos. It holds a special place in our hearts as our studio and our relaxation space in our home.”

“The studio is centred around Tequila Sunrise’s easel. Sitting right on that easel is an oil painting on a 24 x 24 canvas of our debut EP cover art Ride The Tiger. This artwork is about the thrill of life and keeping in perspective what really matters, which to us right now is having fun.”

“Life can be really challenging and scary at times, and sometimes the only option you have is to hang on tight. Ride The Tiger is our rollercoaster of emotions all tied up in a cheeky colourful high-energy punk rock bow. It’s a fun vibrant piece that resonates with this time in our lives as housemates and creators.”

Beach Panic Studio

“Here’s Tequila working on one of our hand painted jackets! These were one of the first ideas we had for BEACH PANIC! We loved the idea of having personalised jackets that reflect our individual characters but still connect us as a group.”

“Most of the time we have multiple projects happening at once, so this desk here is where a lot of the magic happens when Tequila isn’t working at her corner easel.”

“This is the back of my (Dr. M. Flamingo’s) custom jacket (the donut) alongside a baby version for a special friend. Tequila is currently working on her 4th and 5th jacket for BEACH PANIC! Each jacket so far averaging around the 30 hour mark to finish. Thank you Tequila!”

Beach Panic Studio

“You might have seen this in our latest music video for our track “Modern Romance”. We decided to do a long shot video that captured the intimacy and dynamic of the friendship we have. In the video behind Daddy Long Legs and I performing and dancing together, Tequila is painting a blue sky with stylised clouds, which was completed from start to finish within the span of the music video!”

Beach Panic Studio

“Our studio is also our hang out space, where we spend a majority of our time, being creative or just chillin’. Part of just chillin’ of course, is the beloved couch guitar, here it is in action.”

“For myself The BEACH PANIC! project is musically based around the philosophy that whatever riffs that naturally come to you when you first pick up guitar is the music you should be pursuing. Most tracks off of our Ride The Tiger debut EP were born exactly this way, starting off as playful noodling on the couch – the place where the magic happens.”

Beach Panic Studio

“Tequila Sunrise and my long term relationship has stepped into a new territory being part of the same art project together. Both being very passionate people, creative clashing is an almost certainty when collaborating! But we have found that this pushes us to think outside our own limitations and use each others strengths.”

“Creating is just a part of life for all members of the BEACH PANIC! art project. Here’s Daddy Long Legs creating his own acrylic poured pickguard for his Fender Bass.”

“Lyrically in BEACH PANIC! we wanted to capture fun and positivity but with a deep honesty that might not always be the easiest pill to swallow. From pure elation to pure desperation, painting an intensely emotional picture needs a cathartic space.”

Beach Panic Studio

“That’s what our studio is to us.”

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