Ambleside – Still Life (New Music)

Temporarily out of sight, but never out of mind, it’s an absolute treat to have something new from Ambleside today! The five piece of Daniel Stevens (vocals), Dean Lawrence (guitar & vocals), Jackson Buckler (guitar), Jonathan Young (bass), and Ash Mayes (drums) have released new single “Still Life”! It follows hot on the heels of the Adelaide band’s announcement of an Australian tour of the same name.

With EPs New Tide and Shape Me in their discography, as well as 2018 single “Blur”, it seems like anything is possible in terms of sound for the Ambleside crew. But whether wild or contemplative, Ambleside consistently nail it; making music that sticks with you. “Still Life” takes both ‘ends’ of that spectrum and blends them together. It also seems to hint at the quintet choosing a more gentle melodic path to follow, but time will tell all on that front!

“Lost in disguise, taken for granted
Open your eyes, break the enchantment”

A thoughtful and clean introduction is where “Still Life” begins, giving the impression of someone processing an experience they’ve had (and are still reeling from). The catharsis amps up progressively, bringing the Ambleside fire that we know and love.

More is added to the picture, seeming to reflect that the protagonist was spellbound by something (or someone) that appeared to be greater than it actually was. The emotional outpouring is both raw and ethereal, and I LOVE the pre-chorus combination of “whoa-oh-ohh”s, piercing guitar, and echoing calls for change. The stomping and steady chorus could be as much toward another as it could be toward the protagonist; an urging to see things as they truly are.

Catch “Still Life” via the YouTube video below. Ambleside have had longtime friend and creative genuis Kez Ellis-Jones create the frozen-in-time elements, as well as a hazy glow of an enchanted perspective, and the outpouring of frustration.. while also capturing the band doing what they do best.  Catch the Still Life tour by getting tickets here:

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