Amberglow – Hole (New Music)

Feel like some new music in your life? May we suggest Amberglow. Based in southern Sweden, Amberglow’s name was inspired by how autumn leaves look before they fall from branches. Though the band name is pretty enough in isolation, the metaphor is an important one, as Amberglow gathers musicians from other acts who had believed their respective opportunities to pursue music to be at their end.  Working together via Amberglow has fortunately sparked a renewed enthusiasm in each of Bastian Wernefort (vocals), Sarry Roth Kalla (guitar), Marcel Bascour (bass), and Simon Roth Kalla (drums).

Previously having released their debut single “Porcelain”, the newest song from Amberglow is “Hole”.  The track is produced, mixed and mastered by Ludvig Ottosson (Noija) at Silver Sun Studios.

Strongly reminiscent of Casey, “Hole” still carries Amberglow’s own unique flavour across its pensive spoken word section and through to the rawer post-hardcore moments. “Hole” is a slowburning and building track that seeks for listeners to have patience with it and the sentiment it shares.

“I wouldn’t blame you if you chose to leave”

By way of the song’s meaning, Amberglow have shared, “It’s about how the worst parts of yourself find a way to stain the relationships with the person you love the most.”  The song’s mood as well as its video take the listener into a dimly lit and emotionally troubled atmosphere.

Vocally weary while gentle melodies waft through the track, “Hole” paints a picture of an affectionate connection but with gradual deterioration. Amberglow lead the listener through a landscape where one is suffering and noticing the impact of that upon the other person, just as the guys have described. Whether rapidly unfurling syllables or floating background vocals amid aching instrumentation, the track is a captivating one.

Watch and listen via Dreambound’s YouTube channel below:


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