alt. – chasing safety (New Music)

Following on from their debut release “insubordinate.”, alt. have returned with new single “chasing safety” (stylised in lower case). It’s another strong tune from the Adelaide four piece, created with a hand from Callan Orr (of Dream On Dreamer) on production, and Chris Lalic (of Windwaker) and Zach Britt (of Young Lions) on writing.

“chasing safety” is initially dark of mood and comes across as circular. Its riffs create a scene of repeated strain which captures heart-wrenching observations of someone that the protagonist loves suffering. Anguished cries call for the loved one to use the protagonist as an anchor – instead of suffering on their own.

Amongst the instrumental wailing alarm of that internal battle, the protagonist refuses to let the other be destroyed on their watch.  Alt. bring different voices to express concern along the way, which heighten at the midway point with screaming and a ‘last chance’ kind of intensity, instrumentally speaking.

“Tell me where you are and I’ll come running to save you”

After the return of the chorus, the mood at the bridge turns cooler, where the person in question seems distant and lost.  The song raises and lifts with layers of voice and sound, coming across as a message in the bottle trying to get through to the absent other person.

Vocalist Daniel Richards shared the motivation behind the song, which also explains why it sounds as it does. He said Someone very dear to me was in an abusive relationship and feeling very helpless, lost, and alone and I was so moved to hear about what she was going through. I’m so grateful that she had the strength to open up and allow me to have a hand in helping her get out of that situation and into a happier, safer life.”

Summing up the track, and giving the impression of the song acting as a message for more than just the one person in his life, Richards wants “chasing safety” to make it clear that “no matter how hopeless a situation feels, there will always be someone to support you and care about keeping you out of harm. I hope we can all get through the fear of reaching out and accept help when we don’t feel safe.”

Watch “Chasing Safety” below via YouTube or listen via your favourite streaming places.


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