ALAZKA – Empty Throne (New Music)

In late March, Burning Down Alaska shared how they have been through a reinvention of themselves, changing their name to ALAZKA and also joining SharpTone Records.

As to the reason behind the name change, the band shared publicly that since the time they chose to call themselves Burning Down Alaska, they’ve changed and grown in response to the experiences and opportunities they’ve had as a band.

“We can’t identify with it anymore. From this day on we are “ALAZKA”.”

Comprising of Tobias Rische, Kassim Auale, Marvin Bruckwilder, Dario Sanchez, Julian Englisch, ALAZKA have celebrated their new identity by releasing a new song and video.

“Empty Throne” shifts from light and clear admissions to heavier and unclean entanglements. The track expresses the processing of a change, capturning a similar essence of this new identity: Losing grip of everything, letting it go, and self-creating something new.

“My kingdom falls
An empty throne placed in the dark
A mother searching for her child
My mind’s running wild”

Check out the video of “Empty Throne” or stream via Spotify.

Kel Burch

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