Advocates – Dreamstate (New Music)

With the release of “Abbadon”Advocates had announced the single as the final one which would feature Detlyn Raven on vocals. Their new single, “Dreamstate”, reveals Tom Armstrong on vocals, who you may already know from Earthbound. The band also includes Mason Hine and Robbie Blaich on guitar, and Simon Webby on drums.

From a disorienting introduction, “Dreamstate” paints a heady and uneasy picture before leaning into a more forward moving and self-observing state. The chorus feels as though it’s teetering on the edge of sanity, before a subsequent verse pulls the listener into the persistent and pressuring forward march, with an impressive infectious energy.

A guitar solo beams outward from afar, seeming to be lost in a maze and trying to find its way through. After a solid breakdown, I’m left with the sense of sadness; that what has been searched for was a false concept that will never be found.

A percussive build that leads to a ticking clock heralds the collision of a breakdown. Tripping and tumbling, the final moments of the song feel fitting for the lyric of sleepwalking.. and suddenly the title of “Dreamstate” becomes an obvious choice.

“Now try and breathe, now try and breathe”

When the band contacted me ahead of the release, I’d asked Advocates about the inspiration behind the song. Simon kindly shared with me that “Dreamstate” is a song about time. He explained further, “It’s about waking up to yourself at a point in your life where you find that you are just going through the motions instead of really, truly living it. It’s about taking a look at yourself and changing that narrative and navigating away from the destructive behaviour that landed you there in the first place.”

Advocates have done a stellar job of presenting this idea in “Dreamstate”, and whether you’re immersed in the lyrics/vocals or letting yourself soak inside the instrumentation, that idea is made clear. I’m impressed with the congruency throughout with this track, and it has me intrigued as to what lies ahead for Advocates.

The YouTube descrption mentions an unnamed ‘upcoming EP’, so stay tuned for that. Watch/listen to “Dreamstate” below, or stream via the usual places.


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