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We first came across Melbourne alternative rock band Aburden with the gorgeous track “Without Me”. With sombre and vulnerable clean vocals, angst-laden spoken word, and a searching and melodic sound, the band of Mason Forster, Kyle Burrows, Ben Dordevic, Jordan Giuliani, and Kylan Ridings moved us emotionally with their My Old Friend EP and single “Face To Face”. The seven tracks of the EP told slivers of the same story, feeling heavy with loss.

Aburden’s journey embarks upon an exciting new chapter today, with the release of their brand new single “To The Sky”, and their signing to Greyscale Records! We caught up with Mason Forster and spoke about My Old Friend and the band’s progression to where they are today.

“The reaction we received from our shows touched our heart”

When Mason thinks about the reaction to My Old Friend from fans as well as having audiences passionately joining their voices with Aburden at shows locally as well as interstate, he describes it as “overwhelming”, confessing that “we did not expect it to be received so strongly by a large audience. No one did. The reaction we received from our shows touched our heart”.

After Aburden presented the EP to the world with an all-ages release show, and their first headlining show, they took their lifted spirits straight into the studio to record “To The Sky”, and shortly afterwards started on their new record.

In listening to “To The Sky”, it’s clear that there’s been an evolution in sound to what was heard in previous releases. Swimming in synthesised chords and massive beats, the track’s layered vocals, emotionally moving anthemic strength, and climbing ethereal sound are a new twist on the Aburden we’ve heard.

“As we started playing, everything fell into its right place.”

On writing new music, Mason shared that as a band they decided to not limit themselves to the boundary of a genre, in line with their beliefs as a band on barrierless expression. This allowed Mason to incorporate his love of piano into Aburden. He says, “As we started playing, everything fell into its right place.” This freedom also allowed beloved musical influences of the guys to come into their sound.

When it comes to the new music, Mason let us know that Kyle will be taking a bigger and more visible role, with Mason’s focus directed more toward piano. Mason affectionately shares that “Kyle has grown in such confidence. I wanted the world to hear his growth from the kid who used to yell in a surf rock garage band, to one of the voices of Aburden. Personally, words can’t express how proud I am of his growth, and Aburden’s growth as a whole.”

This shift in Kyle’s visibility is apparent in the beautiful music video also in which he has a noticeable presence. The video was masterfully crafted by Kieran Ellis-Jones of Crystal Arrow Films. Because of a strong appreciation of Kieran’s work, Aburden decided to allow him free creative rein over the video. From the story through to direction and filming, each element of this beautiful and moving story of cross-planetary heartache is Kieran’s work.

“To The Sky” was written early in February 2017, before the band left on tour with Storm The Sky.  Having already been played on stage, the track has gradually evolved into what it is today; something the members of Aburden feel proud of, and undoubtedly something the fans of the band will be moved by, hearing this gorgeous polished version of what they’d heard live.

“They said I couldn’t fly, now look at me, touching the sky”

The track is about perseverance, and continuing despite discouragements; aiming toward your goals despite perceived obstacles. In Mason’s words, “Life is a series of waves: Some will send you tumbling and drag you under, but if you flow with the momentum and opportunity, it can take you to the sky. This is what the song means to us.”

By way of their signing to Melbourne’s Greyscale Records, Aburden acknowledge that this was a goal they never expected to achieve. Mason refers to Greyscale as “a label that not only signs bands we love, but who we are also friends with” and shares that Aburden are “so grateful and appreciative to be a part of this family.”

As to what’s coming next for Aburden? “The best part of that is that we don’t know, and I guess that’s what we love about this journey we are on; it’s not predetermined, it’s scary, and that’s what makes it so exciting.”

Congratulations, Aburden! Here’s “To The Sky”.



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