A Boy, A Void – Dwelling (New Music)

Fresh to the scene is new alt-rock solo project, A Boy A Void. The creative work of East Gippsland based Jack Beauglehall is expressed via the melancholic debut single, “Dwelling”. Produced, mixed, and mastered by Ionei Heckenberg (Ocean Sleeper), “Dwelling” is accompanied by a music video, which was also shot and edited by Ionei.

As debut releases go, this is a powerful one. “Dwelling” is hauntingly beautiful, emotionally charged, with creative lyricism. The vocals contrast sombre melodies with passionate spoken word (“Why did you let me leave?”), with the distance of the latter seeming like something out of a dream. Echoing and surrounding the listener’s ears, the vocals lead and build, resulting in the melodic and pained chorus seeming extra powerful.

The vocals bleed mournful regret, as Jack appears to be struggling under the mental weight of a now-absent loved one. The haunted beauty comes from this heartfelt expression of loss that would resonate with many. The lyrics are beautifully written, and tell a sad and aching story about a broken relationship, wondering if the other is as haunted as he is.

“Do you see me in the faces of strangers that pass you by?
Cause I’ve been seeing you in them and I just don’t know why.”

Instrumentally, guitar tones and pacing add intensity to the song, while not detracting from the lyrics and the story being told. Bittersweet guitar, with softly toned and gentle leads in the verses instill a feeling of sorrow within the listener. The chorus then unleashes pent up frustration with revving dark riffs representing the storm going on inside the protagonist’s mind.

The video is very representative of the song, portraying the idea of someone trapped in a pessimistic state and not wanting to leave the house. Events replaying in his head like a nightmare, he refuses to go anywhere or do anything, as the dark clouds in his mind begin to obstruct his vision, not allowing any light to reach in.

Longing and cheerless, “Dwelling” is a song that many will be able to relate to. It tells a story that many will resound with, and does so in a powerful way. It’s a definite ‘yes’ from the Depth team and we can’t wait to hear more from A Boy A Void.

Watch the “Dwelling” music video below. You can also find the track on our Spotify playlist HERE.


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