Ruben Hultman – Skeletons (Track Of The Day, 27th March)

One of the things we are passionate about at Depth Magazine is the fact that music is a creative expression, which means it’s a very real snapshot in time of the human that made it. Being a human means we go through complex things, so what’s captured as music in response is not necessarily pretty, comfortable, and/or easily consumed. As listeners, we have a front row seat as artists wrestle with the lightness and darkness of life, same as the rest of us.

Ruben Hultman is one of those artists creating very real music and wrestling with his humanness. In every song of Ruben’s, it’s made completely clear how much heart and soul he is bearing, for better or for worse. His music is courageous, honest, and carries emotional depth.

Our Track Of The Day is the song “Skeletons” from Ruben’s Portraits EP. It soon becomes apparent that “Skeletons” is a creation in response to emotional agony. It uses potent metaphors to express a severity of pain and defeat that may be hard to ‘watch’ if you allow yourself to absorb what’s being said.

“My blackened lungs are filled with coal
So light me up and burn me down

My ink-stained heart lies bleeding out
On the living room floor
And since you made me rip it out, Dear
My hands are shaking and my fingertips are cold”

The vocals are drenched in exasperation and a sense of being ‘done’. They make no secret of all that is being felt here. As Ruben shared with us when we interviewed him, when he puts his heart into his music, “it is like ripping out a piece of your heart and punching it in to an mp3 file, hoping people won’t tear it apart.”

“Skeleton”‘s punk pace as well as the here-I-f*cking-am-look-what-you’ve-done-to-me lyrics make it a hard hitting anthem to emotional hurt. But what’s also contained within “Skeletons” is an acknowledgement that underneath it all, we are the same, and that there is unity in each of us being brilliant spirits dragging around this human cage.

We are puppets and dolls
In a masquerade show
Joined together as one
The silhouette collection

Skeletons, blood and bones
Weigh heavier than you could ever know
Silhouettes, more like broken shells
Captivate souls that are much greater than our selves”

Check out “Skeletons” below and share with us what you think on Twitter or Facebook.

Kel Burch

Creator and caretaker of Depth Mag, Kel uses her superpowers of empathy, word-weaving, and feeling everything deeply, to immerse herself in music before returning to reality to write about her experience with it.

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