Premiere: Ruben Hultman – LOST [B-Sides]

We are so pleased to be able to be the first to share this music that has been waiting for an opportunity to be heard.

Initially written in 2014, these songs went through a rocky adventure of creative doubt, which rendered them tucked away as opposed to widely shared. Musicians are not immune to fear, and harsh judgements can leave marks. Creations can then become heavy with question marks as to their value and worthiness of even being seen.

Fortunately healing can happen, with light shone upon painful parts, and recognition that these were indeed powerful pieces, and do indeed deserve to be heard.

Ruben Hultman makes music with pure heart and raw emotion. Nothing is left withheld, which makes for vulnerable as well as powerful music. It’s both precious and intense, when you let it in.

LOST [B-Sides] is a duo of tracks that were originally released before Ruben’s 2016 EP Portraits. With their release today, Ruben shares that this ‘closes off the Portraits era’, as he moves forward into creating new music with more confidence and clarity. On LOST [B-Sides], Ruben is supported by Felix Lindgren featuring in the guitar solos and Zack Liljeberg on drums.

The first of the two tracks is “Walls”, which starts with piano before plunging into heartache via guitar. The walls described in the lyrics are around the heart and the ability to feel, as protecting from pain. Ruben does a brilliant job of expressing both the frustration in wanting to feel, but also still holding in defense mode by pain – and thus the walls remain.

Teach me the art
Of tearing down walls
The walls holding my heart
They stand stubborn before me
They’re stubborn before me
They barely move at all”

“Lost At Sea” is the second track of LOST and also speaks of unfeeling, yet a whole lot to be felt: The lyric “This is an open letter / So let’s close it quickly” sums up this expression of complete openness, as well as observation of intricate details, before falling back into the numbness of unfeeling as well as silence.

“You are like fragile architecture
Speaking words with a lovely texture
I’d like to touch you all night long
But my hands they are really numb
And I wonder where they’ve gone”

The question “Lost At Sea” seems to be asking is where this unfeeling falls in the identity of the song’s character, if it’s part of who they are or just temporary.

LOST [B-Sides] is a musical expression of the question as to whether to stay open and vulnerable, and feeling deeply for better or for worse, or to close and hide away for safety and be left numb and devoid of beautiful experiences. It makes complete sense then for these tracks to have gone through that process themselves, of being so raw and intense, yet kept hidden away and unheard, before finally being released and open now.

Join me in gratitude that these B-sides are no longer lost and are being released today into the world. Have a listen to Ruben Hultman’s beautiful creation.

‘LOST [B-Sides]’ out now, available everywhere


Kel Burch

Creator and caretaker of Depth Mag, Kel uses her superpowers of empathy, word-weaving, and feeling everything deeply, to immerse herself in music before returning to reality to write about her experience with it.

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