Ruben Hultman – Lionheart (New Music)

Where has Ruben Hultman been our whole lives?!

Ruben Hultman is an incredibly talented musician from Sweden. As well as making his own music (Portraits EP in 2016), he has collaborated with multiple artists on EDM tracks, lending his talent to oliveSeeds, Delove, Thessla of Swe DDRey, and others. He continues to do so, with a 2017 track coming, collaborating with Retinue & Kayne & Lorenz.

So even though Ruben has been making music since 2009, his music is new to us and wholeheartedly deserving of a deep listen.

We casually listened to Ruben’s 2015 single, “Lionheart” and then happened to get distracted by something else. But “Lionheart” wouldn’t have that; it later came back and swirled around in our heads until we’d look at it again.

“Lionheart” is something else. It showcases Ruben’s searching voice and expressive tone, as well as awesome guitar. What grabbed us is the chorus and how it lifts and is so full of hope.

“My lionheart will carry me
Over blackened seas
My lionheart is screaming out
When there’s nothing left to feel
The only thing left alive in me
Loving you with its every beat”

As a song, it has a feel like we’ve tried and tried and it’s not enough. It’s an invitation to take a guiding hand and run together, through shattered pieces of mistakes and tribulations, away from challenges and expectations and into something brighter and full of hope and possibility.

We’re in love. What do you think? Check out Ruben and more of his music with the links at the end of this post. In the meantime here’s the “Lionheart” video.

“Lionheart” drums by Zack Liljeberg, and mixed & mastered by André Alvinzi.

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