Depth Magazine has become synonymous with deep understanding of what artists are expressing via their music. We continually get appreciation from artists by way of our handling of their creations:

“Depth Magazine at it again with being almost 100% on point interpreting our lyrical content.” Belle Haven

“This review captures the very essence of what we started out to do.” David Bendeth

“Depth Magazine yet again with some of the most thoughtful and well written content out, give them a suss. Huge respect for these guys” Young Lions

The ability to see to the heart of a something, feel it, understand it, and honour it, makes for powerful written pieces about music.

So how does Depth Mag get it right, again and again?

It’s a secret weapon.

And I am wanting to use this secret weapon, to support musicians, beyond just writing about their music.

Before creating Depth Mag, I (Kel Burch) worked extensively in the field of energism. We have unseen and powerful inner experiences that create our outer worlds. Those inner experiences can be understood and worked with as energy. That is my background and the field that I worked in for 8+ years both as a practitioner and teacher. It is how I am able to ‘feel’ music and understand it fully, including the intention behind it, and how the person that made it was feeling.

People who have training as energists can ‘see’ beyond the obvious, reading/feeling between the lines and swiftly understanding what is at the core of something. That is a possibility, whether the ‘something’ is a piece of music or a person.

Energists don’t even necessarily need to be verbally told things in order to know them; they use their own intuition and insight. It’s not trickery, it’s an extension of that ‘feeling everything’ factor. Empathy to the extreme.

“You literally hit the nail on the head with every track. I was very worried people wouldn’t ‘get it’ but you got it perfectly.”
Alpha Wolf

What we feel and also how we experience life around us is directly reflecting what’s going on within us, in our energy. Everyone is impacted by this, and that includes musicians, songwriters, and others in the field of music.

Why Do Artists Need To Be Aware Of Energy?

The more musicians that I connected with, the more I began to see a need for energists. We all have seen certain well-known musicians who seem to have ‘made it’ and yet have made the choice to end their lives. Something is not right here, and the making of music is not the full picture. What’s going on within is a missing factor.

Musicians bravely turn their experiences and emotions into music. Harsh criticism and other experiences can leave a mark which not only affect the artist in that moment in time, but can carry forward into their future work. Doubts and fears are so powerful that they can derail the best intentions, despite being unseen and existing only ‘in your head’. Personal hurts can echo into their experience as musicians, impacting their performance or how they present their work.

The musician then might then choose to ‘work around’ the issue by distracting from it or avoiding it, instead of overcoming it and being able to confidently and clearly move forward as an artist in the direction of their choice.

This is where energism makes for that powerful secret weapon. Energism when focused directly toward an artist gives stuck situations an opportunity to be released, and for a feeling to be changed, and for the person to grow as a result.

“Something that makes Depth stand out from the rest is the attention to detail, understanding and commitment they put into their reviews and articles.”
Concealed In Clouds

When an artist is stuck on something, whether personal or professional, that is holding them back from being ‘all-in’ with their experience as a musician/creative person, they don’t need to be pushed to try harder or hustle more. If they’re stuck, they’re stuck, and the energy is what needs to be worked with. Otherwise they’re hustling while dragging that stuckness along with them, making things even more difficult and potentially leading to burn out or giving up completely on music – a tragedy.

In my view, artists need:

* Validation – Wherever they’re at is valid and true for them, even if it makes no logical sense to anyone else. It just is how it is, and the past happened how it did to get them to that point.

* Acceptance – We already judge ourselves harshly and that doesn’t really seem to work, so having someone accept us as we are is a powerful experience. I endeavour not to ‘fix’ people but just to see them as they are.

* Insight – Someone who is able to respectfully see the core of a situation and bring it to awareness, in order to move forward. I use my intuition to see the truth of something, even if the person isn’t aware of it themselves. I get it. Usually without explanation.

* Evolution – A means to truly grow from where they were previously stuck into something more, without force or fight. I use powerful techniques for moving out of stagnancy into something more positive and free,

Kel managed to read between the lines instead of dismissing my music for being loud and too emotionally raw to handle. I felt completely seen and understood as a songwriter & an artist for the first time because previously I had struggled trying to explain what it is that I am actually trying to create.”
Ruben Hultman

So How Does This Whole Energy Thing Work?

I work one-on-one, having conversations that are open and respectful, though never becoming cold in any kind of stance of professionalism. I’m a real and imperfect human and so are you. I can do this thing via messaging or video (such as Skype).

If we have never met, this is me. Hello!

I value realness, honesty and openness. I am naturally giving as a person and I enjoy helping people. My approach is gentle, but I won’t shy away from truths that need to be recognised either.

In terms of those conversations, I’ll want to know what’s going on for the musician personally or as an artist, where their music (or them personally) has felt stuck and where they would prefer to be. I can work ‘context free’ too, so if there’s something bugging them but they don’t want to verbalise it, I can work with that too.

I give my honest insight and discuss where that sits with them, and I’ll guide them through making a difference to where they’re currently at. I’ll ask questions too, because they are the one who is living inside their own situation and the one that has first hand information.

If You Can Feel It, It Matters

There’s no stuckness too big or too small. If it matters enough to be felt and frustrating to you, it matters. As a creative person who writes every single day, running Depth Mag (mostly) single-handedly, and needing to be ‘on’ creatively, despite having the responsibility of home and family and other demands, I understand how some things that seem ‘small’ can derail that creative expression. I understand the frustration of being creatively blocked as well as the paralysis that can occur from fear alone, even if ‘nothing has happened’.

Creating makes me feel alive, and anything that derails that is important enough to be given attention to. Creating is my purpose, and I won’t let anything get in the way of that, even if it seems too ‘pathetic’ to worry about, or ‘way too big’ to even try to deal with after many many years of being the case.

The process works to inspire clarity and give realisation moments of ‘a ha!’ where things may have felt murky before. If it is about a specific creative piece, we can work to lighten that so the artist can face going into it with more enthusiasm and excitement.

Music matters and so do the people that make it. The world is a better place if music can be created with more ease, by people who do indeed still have messages to share with the world, and are stronger in doing so!

Case Story: Solo Artist Ruben Hultman

Ruben Hultman as well as being a very good friend of mine, was also a musician who was stuck. He had the experience of working with me in relation to his energy and kindly agreed to share his experience.

Ruben was working on a release to follow-up his debut EP and found himself ‘closed up’.

“I was struggling with the idea of re-releasing an old release which I took down due to bad criticism thrown at it, in a time where I was too weak to ignore it. It had made a bigger impact on me that I had realized and it was starting to bubble up after being bottled up for too long.”

Over the space of two years, Ruben had tried to re-upload the release, but it never felt right. “I think I re-released it three times before leaving it to dwell in the dark.”

We communicated through Facebook messaging, with Ruben in Sweden and myself in Melbourne, Australia. About the process, Ruben shared that he felt “safe, understood and strongly supported. We connected instantly and it was very easy to express where I was emotionally at the time.”

About the process of moving through where he was stuck with this release, Ruben shared that the process never felt heavy or difficult at all. “I experienced several rushes of energy and immense gratitude when a weight was lifted off my shoulders I didn’t even know I carried with me until Kel acknowledged it.”

Ruben went on to re-release the songs and dug deeper into his perception of his own writing, musicianship and self-image. He realised he had been very hard on himself and started to learn how to love himself in order to be a happier person over all. “Not necessarily meaning I adapted some kind of forced-positivity-in-all-situations kind of attitude, but I got to know myself deeper and learned that I am exactly the person, musician and writer I want to be.”

“Getting in touch with Kel changed my life.”

“I became more confident. I started loving myself instead of being bitter. I love my life and what I choose to do with it and I hope this feeling stays for a long time. I started listening more to what my body told me and not forcing creativity, positivity, or relationships with others. I accepted myself and instantly started to see how I experienced other peoples’ interactions with me differently. I did not feel a need to be more active on social media, but I felt more confident in being that whenever I wanted. The whole anxiety around it disappeared. I feel more lucky to be who I am. I take pride in what I create and who I am and that was something I really struggled with a few years back.”

In terms of how things have gone since the sessions, Ruben shared that he practices the methods I taught him on a daily basis, helping him get through the day. The principles of energy awareness can be applied in so many ways.

In terms of other changes with his music, Ruben shares that his vocals have better tone. “It flows better from within me when I sing and I can’t force singing lyrics that are not “me” in the same way as I could before. I’ve become more musically honest and my writing process runs more smooth today as well.”

When asked if he would recommend the sessions, Ruben said: “Definitely. 100%. Especially solo artists having no one to lean on would benefit from this. Working with Kel helps you grow on many more levels than just musically. You’ll learn things about yourself that you’ll be grateful for throughout the rest of your life.”

What Kinds Of Things Would Energism Help With?

The bottom line is anything that feels stuck, stressful, heavy or is preoccupying thoughts and really not going away, even though you’ve tried to do something with it. Any kinds of patterns that persist can often be relating to something in the person’s energy.

Having an energist on your team ongoing as a musician can be akin to a secret weapon, even for ‘basic’ things, like:

  • ‘How’s this lyric vibe?’
  • ‘What’s this track feel like to you? Is there anything off about it?’
  • ‘Can you give me input to this album art/press image?’

If you or your music ‘feels off’, your listeners are going to notice that too and just not going to engage with it as easily. Lyrics can ‘feel off’ as well, and I can give my honest impression of these things. You want your music to feel like a big ‘YES’, with listeners eager to engage with it and share it with people in their lives. There are many many pieces of music sent to Depth Magazine with the hopes of being shared in articles, and yet I just won’t write about it due to it not feeling fully congruent. It’s easy to write, share, listen to music that feels flowing in all ways.

Music should feel alive and a 100% genuine expression of the humans that have created it. Irrespective of genre or subject matter, songs where the artist has played it safe or contained themselves can be felt, and it’s frustrating!

The world needs real pieces of expressiveness, from humans who feel completely excited about doing so.

What Next?

Because everyone is unique, I opt to tailor how I work with people to their specific circumstances. Make contact with me about your situation and we can work out an approach that works for both of us, including schedules, time constraints, urgency, & time zones. It goes without saying, but anything shared in the conversations I have is treated as private and confidential. I’m here to support artists and making life easier for them, not here to complicate them.

There’s a few ways we could work together, depending on you. Possibilities:

  • A short term handful of sessions around a specific ‘stuckness’ (this is how I worked with Ruben).
  • Sessions tailored around a project and supporting it through to completion.
  • Long term sessions for bigger projects or ongoing situations.
  • ‘Maintenance’ check ins when things just feel ‘off’.

Let’s start by you sharing with me where you’re at and see how we can best work together. Use this contact form to share the basics and we can go from there.